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Wednesday, June 22, 2016
08:00 - 17:00
LAGO, Hamea Veesrim 6 st., Lake Park, Rishon Lezion West

Agile Israel 2016

Most prominent Agile conference in Israel for the 9th consecutive year

This year the main theme is Let's move beyond the "theatre mode"
Often we encounter organizations that consider themselves agile only because they perform certain ceremonies or procedures superficially as a lip service, without actually applying the principles behind the Agile methodology.
Promptly delivering working software and receiving real time feedback from business people, eliminating the "us vs. them" mindset, all departments cooperating for global optimizations and maximum flow of customer value instead of different departments optimizing locally, the ability to swiftly respond to specification changes - all those and more are the basic values of modern Agile development.
The conference will encompass topics such as DevOps, scoping processes and Agile contracts, techniques and tools, scaling and SAFe, culture and HR processes, Agile in IT companies, BI projects and more.
Same as every year, the Agile Israel conference is a great opportunity to get to know the community, to learn from international experts and to hear inspiring customer success stories, to recharge with renewed energy and to improve Agile processes.


Registration is closed for this event. See you at our future events!


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