Great Scrum Master

Agile Israel 2016 Conference, Wednesday, June 22, 2016, 13:55

How do you get from good to great?

Great ScrumMasters are using team theory, system thinking, and coaching to make their teams shine. What tools do all Scrum Masters need for this essential role? How can we make ordinary ScrumMasters great?  

In this practical talk, Zuzi Sochova shows you how to adopt the outlook of cultural anthropologists, apply the ScrumMaster state of mind, and learn to walk the ScrumMaster Way.

Become a great practitioner, teacher, and servant-leader in Agile.  Your work and life becomes more fulfilling and meaningful, as your teams become more self-organized, capable, and creative too.

Are you ready to be the rare ScrumMaster who is truly great?

Zuzi has over 15 years of commercial experiences in IT, beginning as a software designer/engineer and moving up into project management, program management, and into executive management at a company provides SW services for international customers (USA, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, …) that operating in mission critical and life critical sectors – i.e. air traffic control management systems, extensive healthcare applications, and public safety systems.

She started with Agile and Scrum back in 2005, where she was involved in implementing the Agile methods at Medtronic, USA. From that time, she was responsible for Agile transformation and implementation of Agile and Scrum to many companies and teams.

She works as Agile coach and trainer for both large and small organizations. She is Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) by Scrum Alliance. She is writing a book Great ScrumMaster - #ScrumMasterWay which will be published soon.

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