How to make sure you scaled Agile safely

Agile Israel 2016 Conference, Wednesday, June 22, 2016, 11:15

Agile frameworks are built around inspect and adapt. But how do you know if the changes you are making are OK or moving the organization into the comfort zone of the previous processes. This question is especially difficult when scaling Agility to the enterprise. In this talk, Inbar Oren, SAFe fellow and principal consultant at SAI will discuss how you can assess the Agility level of your enterprise and what are the mandatory and optional parts of Agile at scale.

Inbar Oren

Inbar Oren

SAFe Fellow, Principal Consultant


Inbar has more than 20 years experience in the high-tech market, working in small and large enterprises, as well as a range of roles from development and architecture to executive positions. For over a decade, Inbar has been helping development organizations—in both software and integrated systems—improve results by adopting Lean-Agile best practices. Previous clients include Cisco, Woolworths, Amdocs, Intel, and NCR.

Working as a principal contributor to SAFe, and Scaled Agile instructor and consultant, Inbar’s current focus is on working with leaders at the Program, Value Stream, and Portfolio levels to help them bring the most out of their organizations, build new processes and culture.

A martial arts aficionado, Inbar holds black belts in several arts. He also thinks and lives the idea of “scale,” raising five kids—including two sets of twins—with his beautiful wife, Ranit.

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